The Master of Engaging Asia is designed to cater to working professionals and those with leadership ambitions.

The program will equip you with in-depth knowledge of cultures, societies and environments and the comparative and self-reflective perspective necessary for developing intercultural leadership skills. You will approach the idea of international engagement from multiple angles and cultural viewpoints.

In this program, you can pursue advanced study in the areas of international engagement, social change, political transformation, health crisis and environmental challenges.


Quick facts

  • 96% ANU research rated above world standard*
  • 1.5 years’ full-time study or part-time equivalent
  • A combination of in-person and online delivery
  • Study full-time or part-time
  • July 2022 intake for Semester 2
  • Prior learning recognised


One of the cornerstones of why The Australian National University (ANU) was founded in 1946 was the idea that Australia needed to engage more with Asia and the Pacific. The work conducted at the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific has established the University as a global centre of excellence in research, teaching and influence on the region.

Studying the Master of Engaging Asia will equip you with the skills needed to become an engaged and nuanced global leader. Whether you are interested in China and Japan or Myanmar and Bhutan it is this depth and breadth of knowledge that makes ANU such a special place to study and engage with Asia.

  • Learn from the best – ANU is home to the largest concentration of Asia-Pacific expertise in the English-speaking world.
  • Be at the forefront – You’ll get the opportunity to develop long-term networks with leading experts in regional affairs.
  • Enhance your employability – Continue into academia with a PhD program or move into an industry leadership or advisory role.
  • Challenge yourself – This program encourages language learning and has many opportunities for in-country learning and experiences.
  • Put theory into practice – Position yourself to lead effective, deep and engaged relationships with Asia in applied contexts.

What you’ll learn

As a graduate of the Master of Engaging Asia, you will learn how to:

  • critically evaluate how histories, geopolitics, societal landscapes and popular culture shape relationships between Australia and Asia
  • take a pragmatic and professional focus to position you to build deep, engaged and effective relationships with Asia in a changing world
  • equip yourself with knowledge in Asian studies with the goal of fostering engaged global citizenship
  • gain knowledge of the cultures, societies, politics, environments and histories of Asian regions
  • develop intercultural leadership skills through multidimensional and self-reflective inquiry
  • study one of 16 Asian or Pacific languages taught at the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific.

The program will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to build deep, engaged and effective relationships with Asia in a changing world.


As a graduate of this program, you’ll be able to pursue or progress in diverse and exciting global career opportunities in:

  • Business
  • Diplomacy, foreign affairs and international aid
  • Government and non-government organisations (NGOs)
  • Asia-Pacific research and education
  • Intergovernmental agencies
  • International relations
  • Communications and journalism


At ANU, we learn about matters like public health to understand cultural and historical issues and how people seek health. How do people in rural and remote locations seek health and see the world differently? How can you empathise without learning or being immersed in your studies?

In the Master of Engaging Asia, you will combine linguistic expertise and language skills to understand the different places in the world. This will give you the breadth and depth to make informed analytic and critical decisions about what is going on in our region.

Professor Assa Doron
School of Culture, History and Language


Our short courses offer a postgraduate pathway into the Master of Engaging Asia and can be completed within six months.

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