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Would you rather know where you’re heading before you sit your exams?

Sort your uni application out now. With that out of the way, you can start imagining yourself as part of our talented and welcoming student community.

The Australian National University’s all-in-one application covers admission, a room in campus accommodation and 200-plus scholarships and could see you receive an offer as early as 5 September.

Focus on getting the most out of Year 12

Get your uni application out of the way

You can apply to ANU early and for free, using your Year 11 or Year 12 results. One application covers admission, campus accommodation and 200-plus scholarships.

Receive an early offer from Australia’s #1 uni

We make offers for admission, scholarships and accommodation as early as 5 September. Your university entry will be one less thing to think about when you head into your final exams. All you’ll need to do is get an ATAR.

Know where you're going to live

ANU guarantees you a room in a modern, safe and supportive residence on campus within minutes of your classes and the CBD. The wide range of social and wellbeing activities will help you settle in.

How to complete your application

Your guide to logging in and completing the ANU application form online.

Application steps

1. Create account

Before you can begin your application, you will need to create an account. To do this, click "Apply" then enter your email and a username and password.

Once you’ve created your account, click ‘register’ to begin your application.

2. Fill in personal details

Now you can enter your personal details. Only sections marked with a red asterisk are mandatory, but you should complete as many of the fields in the form as possible. School email addresses can expire before the end of Year 12, so please include your personal email address.

You can also apply for the Tuckwell Scholarship Program. Every year, Tuckwell awards 25 scholarships. They provide financial support, personal enrichment and a range of development opportunities that could enhance your ANU journey.

3. Add adjustment factors

Adjustment factors can help if you have specific circumstances or are experiencing hardship during your high school studies. They can add extra points that, when added to your ATAR, will boost your selection rank (the score you need to get into your degree).

Select the type of adjustment factor and upload supporting documentation. If you don’t have these documents now, you can upload them later, just make sure all your documents are uploaded by 30 May 2022.

If your circumstances change after you’ve submitted your application, you can apply for new adjustment factors by logging back in. Our Future Student Experience team is always on hand if you would like help selecting adjustment factors.

4. Add co-curriculars

You will need to satisfy the co-curricular and service requirement to study at ANU.

You can add up to five co-curricular activities. Once you meet the co-curricular requirement to study at ANU, you will receive a notification.

5. Add qualifications

The next step is to add your Year 12 details. This includes the qualification type and your school’s address.

6. Consider and select programs

You can choose to add up to five programs (degrees) in your application. Learn more about ANU degrees. Make sure you put your preferred degree as your top preference. Nominating five degrees will improve your chances of studying at ANU.

7. Your scholarship options

Simply select yes if you would like to apply for eligible scholarships. You will automatically be assessed based on your application details.

8. Select your campus accommodation

If you would like to live on campus, let us know this in your application. All first-year, first semester undergraduate students at ANU are guaranteed accommodation on campus.

Once you have chosen your preferred student residence, we will ask for your income details. We are not after your parent's income, so it is okay to enter zero here. These details will also not affect an accommodation offer from us; we’ll only use them to assess your eligibility for the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS).

9. Submit your application

When your application is complete, you can submit it. ANU will assess it and send you regular updates on how it's progressing. Applications for study in 2023 close on 23 May 2022.

Do I need to apply to ANU again through the Universities Admission Centre (UAC) later this year?

No, you won’t need to apply through UAC later in the year. Applying now will reduce the stress of Year 12 by getting your university application out of the way.

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