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Talk to an ANU student

You can talk to a student about your application and what it’s like to live and study in Canberra. You may also like to chat about transitioning to university and the ways ANU will support you.

All you need to do to organise a phone or Zoom video call with a student is choose a time and date that suits you and click ‘register’.

The student you’d like to talk with will then then get in touch and answer questions about applying to ANU and what it is like to study here.

Emma – Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Environment & Sustainability

Emma moved to Canberra from Melbourne and feels that the community and inclusivity on campus has played a big role in enriching her experience at ANU.

Talk to emma

Al – Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) / Bachelor of Arts (Economics)

Al moved to Canberra from Melbourne and has lived in the catered and non-catered sections of Bruce Hall. She says the campus experience drew her to ANU.

Talk to Al

Amelia – Bachelor of Security Studies and Juris Doctor

Amelia is from Canberra and has actively been involved in the ANU debating and sailing clubs during her studies.

Talk to Amelia

Anna – Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of International Security Studies

Anna is from Melbourne and has lived on and off campus. She likes being able to study different disciplines at once and the campus’s proximity to bushland.

Talk to anna

Ellis – Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Science: Physics

Ellis moved to Canberra from Sydney and lived in Wright Hall. He is a member of ANU Basketball and the ANU Debating club.

Talk to Ellis

Rose – Bachelor of Philosophy (Science) (Honours)

Rose is from Canberra and living off campus. She feels that the cutting-edge research and passion that academics have for their field has made studying at ANU rewarding.

Talk to Rose

Zoe – Bachelor of Political Science/Bachelor of International Relations

Zoe is from Canberra and lives at home. She recommends the travel opportunities that are available when you study a language at ANU.

talk to Zoe

Hannah – Master of Professional Psychology

Hannah moved to Canberra from Pambula in NSW. She used to live on campus and says it was super fun because of all the people she met.

Talk to Hannah

Pat – Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry, Immunology and Microbiology)/Bachelor of Applied Data Analytics

Pat moved to Canberra from Sydney and is living in a share house with friends. He enjoys the great all-round learning experience at ANU, which includes playing sport.

talk to Pat

Josie – Master of Neuroscience

From Canberra, Josie has lived on and off campus. She says the flexibility to pick from a vast range of courses drew her to ANU.

talk to josie

Matt – Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Science (Sustainability and Chemistry)

Matt is from Melbourne and has lived on campus at Bruce Hall and in a share house. He enjoys that his classes create space for challenging perspectives.

Talk to matt

Naomi – Master of Public Policy and Politics

Naomi is from Melbourne and living off campus. She says the research focus of ANU informs the high standard of teaching and engaging course content.

Talk to Naomi

Helen – Bachelor of International Relations/Bachelor of Commerce

Helen is from Sydney and has lived both on and off campus. The ability to study a flexible double degree was one of the reasons she chose ANU.

Talk to Helen